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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino

What we do when we wait

I’m surprised I’m so “good” at waiting.

Considering I have a hard time filling out forms, washing my hair, folding laundry, making coffee, swallowing my food slowly:

I am a deeply impatient person.

Most of the time.


I’m in an airport waiting for my next flight. I can sit for hours. No scrolling. No music. No book. No talking. Just…observing. 👀

I’m on the subway waiting.

I’m at the mechanic waiting.

I’m at the movie theater waaaaay too early because I am me. Waiting.

I can sit for a long time. No scrolling. No music. No book. No talking. Just observing.

For me, the all too necessary rumination, the wrestling of ideas and questions, the scouring of human behavior for material and guidance—for me, my brand of magic happens while waiting.

Do you wait?

What do you do while waiting?

(Photo of me above taken by Yoav Horesh while waiting for him to take other pictures, another kind of waiting I deeply enjoy.)

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