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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino

Time to go out on your own

I drive myself to parties so that I can leave early if I want to.

I prefer to shop alone because I’m an excellent scanner and a habitual line deserter.

I don’t have a “work out buddy” because I need to listen to really loud early 90s hardcore otherwise I get bored.

Also, I don’t work out.

It’s not that I dislike the company of others. In fact, I need it.

I want to find myself in rooms with people who think in a different way, see something that I don’t see.

(By the way, have you ever asked someone how they see time in their mind? How they visualize a calendar year? The answers I get are wild, and always vastly different than what I see when I close my eyes.

I love that. I want more of that.)

But too often I’ve found myself in rooms: conference rooms, cubicles, and “retreats” where it’s clear no one wants to see or do or hear anything different than what’s been done, what’s worked, what’s easier.

This is reason #27837501 why I’m here, writing these missives under the oddly named banner of Peanut Butter Purpose.

I’m creating a different space.

If you’ve had that little itch inside you, bubbling up and saying, “hey, you’ve got something to say here,”—pay attention.

The time is now.

I need people like you to show me something new, something different.

So think of me bursting into the conference room (or the Zoom meeting) you’re stuck in right now.

Yes. It’s loud, it’s startling, it’s a little scary (all that moshing was good practice for busting through stuff).

But I toss you the keys.

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