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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino

This is the end.

It’s the end of another year. You’ve read, seen, heard of many year-end wrap ups but this is not that.

Have you heard about doing things differently?😆

Petty predictions for an overly predictable/no doubt unpredictable 2022 and things you should NOT expect from me and PBP:

I’m not going to pretend that I am anything but a one-woman show because PBP is very much me, just me, me, myself, I, and me. And right now I’m proud of that.

I’m not going to share good vibes. Or bad vibes. Just no vibes here. Really over the word vibes. Only tightly held opinions and feelings so strong they are doppelgängers to facts!

I’m not going to diminish myself or my fellow creators; whether we have tried, failed, or merely had an idea to try that hasn’t yet worked itself up to movement.

Oh, and I’m not going to do the pointing to text in a dancey TikTok style story, video, or reel thing. I’m just not.

Really, I have one message going into 2022. It remains, in my formerly mentioned strongly held opinion, to be the absolute best advice I have ever received. It’s simple:

Love yourself first.

Love. Yourself. First. Your work, your mind, your body, your entire being.

If those are the only seeds you can water, shower everything you’ve got on them.

Bonus: I’m not going to allow anyone to laugh at Duran Duran in 2022. I need you to understand how good Duran Duran is.

⚑ Footnote: As always, I would love to be proven wrong. But I am not wrong about Duran Duran.

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