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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino


Sometimes it’s hard to see those red flags.

🕳Especially when your bank account is in the red.

👀Your eyes are red from not sleeping.

👛You’re eating a lot of Red #40 because Pop-Tarts can be bought from vending machines with spare change.

I started my first business in the middle of a recession.

I was very angry that the world (America) had decided to stop its glorious rotation around Me (the center of all things).

I was very angry that the internet bubble and budget surplus that seemed endlessly expansive would burst and shrivel up before I got a chance anything.

I was seeing red, as they say, and therefore I missed a lot—and I mean A LOT— of red flags when it came to working with clients, vendors, partners, and my own proclivities for subtle self-destruction (see: Pop-Tarts above).

I was operating, planning, and working from —------> scarcity.

S C A R C I T Y.

The word is literally scar + city.

And I have a well worn map to this place and maybe even an honorary title of city planner!

Bad decisions come from scarcity.

And yet.

Bad decisions often lead to understanding, knowledge, capacity.

Dare I say, mistakes are the masonry of mastery?

Too far. OK.

But I’m planting my red flag on this hill.

Scarcity will always be a place you can find yourself in.

So why not embrace some bad decisions.

You never know what you will be able to build afterwards.


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