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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino

I'm Different

In the words of the magnificent Kinks, “I’m not like everybody else.”

I look different, I think differently.

My teeth are weird.

I believe that all berries are just secret surprise gushing nightmares.

I do not want to do any team building that involves a “cool new brewery.” Ever.

There are no overexposed photos of me sitting at my startlingly clean white desk with an inspirational poster in a hand-lettered-but-obviously-machine-made-because-its-everywhere font above it.

I did not and will not listen to that podcast.

OK. But also…

I don’t believe that just because I run a business, I have to be a cut throat capitalist.

I believe we can create sustainable, profitable, and purposeful businesses while building community.

I believe we can do business differently.



Thanks to @yoav.horesh for the fantastic photo of me looking at the big buildings in NYC that always feel like magic to me. 🔮

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