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  • Writer's pictureKristy Martino

40 years of great personality

On Friday, I turned 40 years old.

That means I’ve been working as a creative for nearly twenty (20!) years.

A few things happened worth mentioning:

  • My first job in advertising had me putting George Steinbrenner’s signature on the big checks they hand out at Yankees games

  • I was the lead singer in an 80s new wave cover band in NYC and we were incredible

  • I started a successful business in the middle of a recession

  • I fought the death penalty in New Hampshire and (we) won

  • I rebranded a mountain, helped launch hundreds of businesses, and (almost) renamed the Paris Climate Agreement

  • I lobbied Senator Ted Cruz to expand access to food benefits only to then endure his five minute long rendition of a favorite scene from the Princess Bride (you can youtube this)

  • I wrote (a lot) about being an American, health insurance, oppression, and how bad Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was

  • I weathered loss, failure, bad luck, poor choices, and unfortunate haircuts as best I could

All along the way there have been mentors, colleagues, and friends. THANK YOU.

To those of you who are trying to carve your way through this life, please know that the road does not have to be straight or clear. Just keep moving. Keep making. Keep going.

And if I could say something to fifth grade me with a terrible perm but great personality: always be you because you are fantastic.

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