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Words + workshops for creatives building profitable, sustainable, and purposeful ventures. 

The PBP manifesto: make it human, make it interesting, make it matter.

Why? Good question.

I'm a writer—a perpetually unsatisfied optimist, to be more precise.

I see problems everywhere and I can

solve many of them.*

*I'll leave the rest of the sales copy for you, when we work together.

Kristy Martino is intense and pretty fantastic.


[What's it like to work with me? Oh, you know that feeling of when something just clicks?]

Hi. I'm intense Kristy. 

  • Kristy is fearless, nurturing, and exceptionally well-versed in the art of getting things done—and getting them done in a way that makes you proud to have worked with her on any project.

    Reid Flynn, AMP Agency

  • Kristy is thorough and thoughtful. She's a champion of ideas and has helped our business focus on the big reasons why people should care about what we do.

    Demri Rosekrans, Co-Owner of Nahcotta

  • PBP helped me focus in on and really understand what my vision for my business was. It was pivotal to everything else as we moved forward. It was incredibly helpful to have someone who asks the right questions, listens deeply and responds with options that embodied my dream. 

    Jodie Curtis, Owner of Yarrow

  • Kristy is the most creative thinker and a true advocate for others. She has helped me with my business over the years and always knows exactly how I want to come across. She is sharp and thoughtful and I would recommend her any day.

    Priscilla Ford, Aland Realty

I've got 20 years of experience, but maybe you need a second opinion:


  • From Burnout to Blaze: Reignite Your Creative Fire
    From Burnout to Blaze: Reignite Your Creative Fire
    Half day workshop
    Half day workshop
    Half day workshop
    Manage burnout, build inspiration!
  • The Art of Feedback
    The Art of Feedback
    Full day workshop
    Full day workshop
    Full day workshop
    How to build a great culture at work.
    Half day workshop
    Half day workshop
    Half day workshop
    A guide to your creative career.


<Brand Strategy

Getting people to fall in love with your brand is one of the most challenging and satisfying problems I get to solve. With key messaging, logo, identity systems, a mission and vision that all works together, you can change the world (or at least bring something new and exciting into it). 

Think of your content like a big puzzle. When it all fits together you get a beautiful image. Expertise and authenticity can take many forms: landing pages, blog posts, website pages, promotional materials, emails, and more—all of which require a purpose, a plan, and personality.  


Advertising is as old as fire. But new ideas that provoke, delight, disrupt, engage, and compel? That's the stuff that keeps the human heart pumping. 


P.S. online learning is cool

  • Learn to Love Email Marketing
    Learn to Love Email Marketing
    Mon, Jan 22
    Maven + Zoom
    Jan 22, 2024, 12:00 PM EST – Jan 26, 2024, 12:00 PM EST
    Maven + Zoom
    An email marketing course for beginners, skeptics, and nonbelievers.
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